About Jenny

I am the daughter of two Antiques Dealers, an art lover, a coffee guzzler, a bit of a pack rat, a wife, a mommy, and an artist.  I live on the beautiful coast of Maine---where I paint, help raise our two lively boys, and deal with the daily shenanigans of our Irish Terrier, Harvey.

I work out of a nice big studio in my home.  Which allows me to paint at any time of the day--and it's only steps to the kitchen, where I brew lots and lots of coffee. 

My Work


My work tends to be bold, vibrant and colorful.

I see, hear, taste, or experience things every day that spark the genesis of my paintings.  

I jot things down as I see or experience them.  Sometimes it's just color combinations or juxtapositions, other times it's whole compositions, and sometimes it's just shapes.  Often times it is all of these things.  

My inspirations are everywhere:  the way that the rain and snow splash back onto my windshield while driving; the repeating sound of a foghorn; or the taste of the salty ocean on my lips; it can be the sound of my boys' laughter or their little footsteps on the stairs; or it can be as simple as how beautiful their blackberry ice cream cones look against the green summer grass.  

My work is all about these little or 'regular' moments of life.  I try to encapsulate the fleeting nature of these little moments--how they feel, how they look, how they sound or how they taste.  Hopefully there is a sense of honesty and familiarity in my work that resonates with its viewers.  Life is such a gift and I want to record it all.